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Eoin [userpic]


July 10th, 2007 (10:33 am)

Yes, yes, I know I haven't updated in over a year. I still read all your LJs. In any case, I've already sent around my first interrailing update, but just to make sure it gets to everyone, I'll post it here as well. Enjoy!

Eoin [userpic]

The real story of coming out

October 30th, 2005 (06:23 pm)

I'm sure a lot of you have heard this story, but most of you have heard it in the form of "Mum, I'm gay." "I know, son." And while that is true, it is not the whole story. So here is the whole story; not every word is accurate or necessarily in chronological order, but I think it captures the memory.

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Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

October 23rd, 2005 (03:38 pm)

Exhausted right about now.

Sleepover at Liz' + Pizza + Pavlova + Scrabble + The Hours + Cruel Intentions + Philosophical conversations at four in the morning + pancakes with golden syrup, maple syrup, honey and sugar + an ENTIRE box of roses + American Dad + Jonathan, heh heh + fox pheromones = TIREDNESS + SICKNESS

But I love it really.

Give me something new to obsess about. NOW.

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

October 13th, 2005 (08:57 pm)

I'm sorta tired of putting quotidian details on here. I'm not sure why I started this LiveJournal thing... I think KMS forced me to as a means of keeping in touch. And it was (and still is) good for that. But, I don't know... Does anyone really care how my rehearsals went, or what we did in drama class, or how my Chemistry teacher came onto me? (He gave me a diamond, by the way, and said "Now they say diamonds are a girl's best friend..." in that... voice of his. Heh.)

I just haven't CARED about things for quite a while now. And, worse still, I find myself not WANTING to care about them, heh.

I've been reading Mrs. Dalloway recently, and it's set me thinking. Virginia Woolf was an amazing person, and there is something... romantic about her suicide. I mean, she was a strong swimmer and the natural instinct of a person drowning would be, presumably, to struggle. I mean, she did weigh herself down with a stone, but she still made a conscious effort not to... It wasn't really about death at all, it was about choice.

I see parallels with Democritus who we talked a little bit about in Latin class. Lucretius says he committed suicide because he could feel his mind going. From what I've read, he did it by starvation.

I bought the movie of the Hours, and... well, I loved it first of all, amazing experience. But I found this exchange between Leonard Woolf and his wife particularly provocative.

Leonard: Why does someone have to die?
Virginia: Leonard?
Leonard: In your book you said someone had to die. Why?

A pause.

Leonard: Is that a stupid question?
Virginia: No.
Leonard: I imagine my question is stupid.
Virginia: Not at all.
Leonard: Well?
Virginia: Someone has to die in order that the rest of us should value life more. It's contrast.
Leonard: And who will die, tell me?
Virginia: The poet will die. The visionary.

Heh, and before anyone starts worrying, I'm NOT suicidal. It's just... making me think.

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

October 8th, 2005 (08:06 pm)

Haven't updated in quite a while. I would say sorry, but I'm not really :P

Sooo things are good. Despite me getting horribly, horribly unhappy about being stuck in a constant routine, i.e. school - after only a month, yes I know, heh - the weekend is here and I have few if any obligations (that I intend to stick to).

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Ah, detail...

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

September 27th, 2005 (06:27 pm)

I love school. That sounds bad... but it's true. The classes are really fun. All the scaremongering about fifth year, it's nonsense. I mean, in English, I think we spent one entire class talking about Christmas. Everything's so waffle-y and "I'll teach what's on the course... eventually." Which is perfect!

Our school got the copy of the St. Andrew's One Act Play book today... And the winning play by Yours Truly was there... It was so amazingly nice to see my work in print. I think I may enter again, but I can hardly win two years in a row...

Must see Pride and Prejudice at the weekend, hrm.

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

September 22nd, 2005 (10:15 pm)

Think I've taken on too much this year.

1) Nine subjects. The usual, plus French, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Latin and Applied Maths. It's a lot of science subjects for someone who plans never to do science again. But Biology is a guaranteed A, thanks to my mother the Institute teacher (knew she was useful for something...). And... Well, I like it. I wouldn't be doing 'em if I didn't.

2) Bassoon exam. Grade 6.

3) Drama exam. Grade 6 as well, I think.

4) The Importance of Being Earnest. Such a big part, which is great, but difficult.

5) Orchestra.

6) Various debating and public speaking competitions.

7) Model United Nations.

8) European Youth Parliament.

9) One Act Play, whenever that goes on...

10) Yearbook Committee. There won't be too much work in that until after Christmas, though.

11) Lord only knows what else.

My schedule is a nightmare. But you don't wake up when you fall off a building or something, heh.

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

September 22nd, 2005 (06:41 pm)

In French today, the French teacher was telling us about a French student who will be doing a little TAing for us. "The first question I'm usually asked is, 'Is she hot?'," our French teacher said. General agreement from most of the males (myself excluded, of course :P). Then she went on to explain her role in the class, "Now, she won't be taking a whole class, to make the best of her abilities, I think what's gonna happen is she's gonna take four at a time outside the class to do oral work..."

I couldn't contain my laughter. She told me I should "wash my mind out with soap and water." I'm not sure I entirely disagree.

Oh, and I got my bassoon back, thank goodness.

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

September 21st, 2005 (04:05 pm)

Just what was I thinking when I put LiveJournal into Irish...? I can't understand a word, I'm just vaguely clicking random buttons, hoping they'll get me to the right place. And I can't figure out how to switch it back. How did I get a B in Irish again?

I may possibly have lost my bassoon. It's not exactly as if I was in love with it, but... [Professor Henry Higgins]I'd grown accustomed to its face.

I'd grown accustomed to the tune that
it whistled night and noon...
Its fahs, its sohs,
Its high, its lows
Are second nature to me now;
The breathing out and breathing in,
I'm very grateful it's a bassoon
And so easy to forget;
rather like a habit
one can always break -
And yet,
I've grown accustomed to the sound
Of something in the air;
Accustomed to its face.[/Professor Henry Higgins]


Where did that come from?

Bassoons don't have faces...



School is loooooonng. I'm sure if I paid attention to it all, it'd be longer. Must do a breakdown of my teachers one of these days...

Eoin [userpic]

(no subject)

September 19th, 2005 (04:47 pm)


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